PUP – “The kind of band we are and the kind of band we want to be”

“Because of the nature of how we write as a band, which is really the four of us in a room putting the songs together, you can’t do that on the road. It’s literally impossible,” Babcock says.”The majority of the songs we wrote for the record we did kind of in short spurts whenever we were home. We’d be home for a month and spend five days a week writing,” adds Sladkowski. “It was a very tough job in a lot of ways, which was cool because that’s kind of what we all wanted in a way, for this to really be the full time thing.” 

“There was kind of this fear at the beginning of, ‘if we’re on the road this much, how are we ever going to complete a record?’” Babcock explains. “But the thing that I found pretty cool is that you’re on the road and you’re just kind of playing shows every night and not really doing much else and not writing, but there’s this whole kind of creative buildup that happens in your subsconscious… and when you have a moment to come home and sit back and regroup, all of that creativity that’s been building up just kind of vomits out of you really fast.”

Source: From Tony Hawk to punk rock: the story of PUP – The Varsity


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