ANTI-FLAG: “We want to see America made great again”

JS: We came from a world where music was integral to who we became, so we understand how music can have an impact on a person’s life and I think once a person is shaped and finds some meaning in their life, that’s when they go out into the world and change it.

CB: But it’s not naiveté; we don’t think we wrote a song and tomorrow the world will be different.

JS: Right, it’s much more nuanced and complicated than that.

CB: I think that being a band with a social conscience and an agenda, that’s one of the first hypercriticisms to come to us, you know, ‘where’s the tangible victory?’ But it doesn’t really work that way, and we understand that.

JS: But we do understand that as young people bands like The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, influenced us. … Now we hear from people that they listened to us and went in a certain direction because of what they heard.

via National Post


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